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I had the pool store open the pool this year (I know now, but didn't then) just so I wouldn't have to mess with the cover, and because this was our first open, and I wasn't 100% sure about how to attach all the hoses. Well, that is pretty much all they did. They didn't even add water to it. Sadly, I was out of town when they did all this. My wife called me and told me it looked really good and pretty clear so I was excited. Unfortunately when I got home a week later, it was a green swamp. I immediately added water up to the right level and started the pump. I dumped in the last few bags of shock I had from last year. No real change. I decided it was definitely time to hit it hard. I re-read pool school and trekked around town buying up as much bleach as I could find. I fished out 3 frogs and probably a billion egg sacks. That was the grossest part of the whole experience. I ran a test. The chlorine was zero of course, and so was the CYA. So I went to the pool store and bought some stabilizer, socked it and put it in. The next day I ran a test and decided how much bleach I needed to shock. It was a lot, but I remembered last year I didn't hit it hard enough and I struggled all year with it. So I went ahead and added the 6 bottles I needed. The next day was a huge improvement. It went from dark green to milky green. More testing and more bleach. Same for the next day. Then it was the weekend and I had time to do the overnight testing. I continued hitting it hard throughout the weekend, and by monday evening I had a crystal clear pool. Since then, I have only had to add minimal amounts of bleach. Easy peasy. You guys are amazing. I would probably still be screwing around with this if I was using the old methods. In fact, my wife's aunt has a pool and saw the pics of ours and wanted to know how we did it so fast since theirs is still murky. I offered to teach them when they are ready.
Category: pool Post By: BRIAN WHITE (Montebello, CA), 02/03/2019

I had a great opening too! Clear water, hardly any debris (due to a new winter cover) and super test results. Just minor ajustments. Happy, happy me. Then my Pool Buster died. Bought a new one. Rolled up the solar cover before going to work--sunny day was forcasted. Well, it got windy, too. Wind caught the cover, unrolled it off the reel, broke all the straps & it was bunched up & floating around the pool. I planned on replacing the staps that weekend anyway because they were getting pretty brittle. Water temp was pushing 80. Happy, happy me. Then the weather changed up. High temp yesterday was 55. Oh, well. At least my water is clear & nice to look at!

- ELIZABETH JONES (Cape Coral, FL), 04/20/2019

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